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The Stellantis factory in Rennes stops production due to a shortage of semiconductors

Two of the Stellantis group factories shut down. The production of Rennes-La Janais and Sochaux (Doubs) will be stopped until July 1 due to the shortage of semiconductors, a measure which affects around 2,000 employees, we learned from management. The Rennes factory was to be shut down on Wednesday evening, that of Sochaux has not been running since the night of June 14 to 15. “We are stopping tonight until July 1 inclusive because of the semiconductor crisis. Since the beginning of April we have been able to get by and work at full speed,” the communication department of the AFP told AFP. Rennes plant, which produces Peugeot 5008 and Citroën C5 Aircross.

“We adapt: ​​it’s a phenomenon that is beyond our control and which unfortunately we can’t do much about. We have a clear cut and we will resume,” added this source. A training system during the production stoppage must make it possible “to increase people’s skills, not to leave them without activity with loss of wages”, according to the same source. “Even though the new C5 Aircross is enjoying commercial success and its production is a priority for the group, the site is forced to stop production due to a lack of parts, particularly on the car radios”, explains the CFDT in a statement.

“A disaster for Sochaux”

The site’s first union believes that this shutdown was “unfortunately predictable” while “the Sochaux factory has been shut down for a week”. The latter, which produces the Peugeot 3008 and 5008, had to interrupt its activity on the night of June 14 to 15. In total, 40 work sessions will be lost at Sochaux, i.e. 12,000 vehicles not produced. “We are still subject to the semiconductor crisis which has impacted the automotive industry for months,” said a factory spokeswoman.

“Every day the Sochaux teams and the central teams are mobilized and fight to minimize the impacts of the crisis and obtain parts.” “It’s a disaster for Sochaux”, is alarmed for his part Éric Peultier, of Force Ouvrière. According to the union, nearly 3,000 employees are affected, plus 900 temporary workers. “It is the concern that remains, because there are no prospects”, also blows Benoît Vernier, of the CFDT. Training is organized for employees and maintenance work is anticipated. For the rest, the employees are placed in partial activity and receive 84% of their salaries. Employees receive their 13th month in June. “This will, in part, absorb the loss,” observes Benoît Vernier.


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