Riyadh: Can it be the residence of children on a visit visa? Saudi officials clarify situation

According to Saudi Arabia’s residency laws, foreigners living in the kingdom are required to obtain residency. Can it be

To which it was replied that in case the parents of the children are on residence then the visit visa of the children can be changed to residence and the prerequisite is that the children should be under 18 years of age.

Licenses said that children whose parents are legally residing in the country and their age is less than 18 years, their children’s visit visa will be changed to residence if they apply to the relevant institution. Their status will become legal.

In addition, with regard to residential residence, the Home Minister has the power to issue orders for conversion of visitor visa into residence.

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Permits are required to comply with orders issued by the Home Minister, but this is an exceptional case which cannot be taken as a legal point or clause as there is no such provision in the Immigration Act but a visit according to the Immigration Act or Residents coming on Umrah visa are not eligible for residency.

It should be noted that according to the immigration law in the country, those who come on a visit or Umrah visa are not issued a residence permit, but in some cases it is possible.

Remember that in Saudi Arabia, people are provided a lot of facilities on the basis of humanitarian sympathy, especially with regard to residency laws.