The star signings of Athletic’s presidential candidates

Less and less is missing to know who will take charge of the club in the coming years

With only two months to go before the elections, the two candidates with more options to preside over Athletic they seem clear. Two candidates who continue to campaign and now we have met the transfer plans they have prepared. Some plans that keep big differences.

Right now, the two main candidates to preside over the club are Barkala and Arechabaletawho have a completely different view. In the case of the former, he has a much more conservative vision, while the latter wants Athletic to fight for titles again.

athletic candidates
Arechabaleta wants Athletic to be a powerful team again

Barkala’s plans if he presides over Athletic

In the case of the first of them, Barkala, he has decided who his coach would be. This would be none other than Marcelino, who after winning the Spanish Super Cup and after falling in two Copa del Rey finals, has had a very difficult season at Athletic.

In fact, everything indicates that he will leave the club this summer, but a change in the presidency could keep him in the job. As for signings, he is committed to a more conservative model, betting on market opportunities and players who return after transfer.

Arechabaleta, the favorite among the Athletic candidates

If there is a favorite to lead the team right now, that is Arechabaleta. The candidate has put the fans in his pocket with his plan for the club, which he wants to turn into a team that is a candidate for all the titles. And for this he wants to hit the transfer market.

His first decision would be to have Ernesto Valverde as coach and Bielsa as director of Lezama. But not only that, but he also has two renowned signings in mind. One of them is the signing of Griezmann, who has experienced a downturn in his performance and is presented as a unique opportunity.

But above the French striker, Jon Karrikaburu stands out, star of the Real Sociedad academy and who is coming as a world star. A signing that would have a double effect, as it would weaken the main rival and strengthen Athletic’s forward, which in recent years has not found a guaranteed nine.

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Arechabaleta’s plan: one of the candidates for Athletic

Iñaki Arechabaleta’s candidacy works on signings of the stature of Marcelo Bielsa and Ernesto Valverde. His sports advisors believe that the couple they can form would be an electoral trick to reach Ibaigane. Valverde would be the coach of the first team and Bielsa the absolute boss of Lezama.

Let’s remember how Bielsa’s departure from Athletic was forged and how he wanted to transform from the base. Bielsa fell in love with Athletic’s philosophy from the start. The Argentine is obsessed with training football and educating footballers in values ​​so that they can then compete at the highest level.

Marcelo Bielsa would be responsible for Lezama

Bielsa could return from the hand of Arechabaleta

In this line, Marcelo Bielsa wanted to professionalize various areas of the club, to have the best prepared youth team in the world. As everywhere, when someone tries to change things, the well-to-do came out. Most of them plugged into the PNV who believe that Athletic is their txoko and that they can do and undo as they please.

Bielsa was a threat to all those who intend to live on Athletic without sticking a stick in the water. For this reason, public opinion began to be very harsh with Bielsa. That if they weren’t appropriate manners, that if he treated the press badly… Endless excuses to avoid talking about football. Because football-wise Athletic de Bielsa could not have detractors.

The signings of Arechabaleta

Precisely now that the elections are coming, both positions are clearly in conflict. Barkala is also close to the PNV and, therefore, intends not to complicate things too much at the club. However, Arechabaleta does want an Athletic that grows in all areas.

For this reason, the deputy CEO of Vocento has very clear ideas. Arechabaleta works on two absolutely differential signings. On the one hand, Bielsa, as a benchmark for Lezama. And on the bench of the first team Ernesto Valverde. Both are considered the best thing that has happened to Athletic in the modern era.

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