The stagnant Barranquita

Although President Luis Abinader started the renovation work on the La Barranquita sports complex, in a first stage at the end of November 2021, it was not until January 2022 that the Ministry of Sports began the renovation work on the La Barranquita sports complex. , in this province, top work for that state agency in this city, however, a year and a half after that announcement, the work continues at a snail’s pace and it is that in areas such as the athletics track facilities are abandoned, which It was used by dozens of athletes and ordinary people who exercised daily.

Now, in the center of the athletics track, it is being invaded by cows that are grazing and there are very few people who come to exercise.

Another of the areas that, although the roof was fixed and a new floor was installed, still needs to be rescued, is the Volleyball pavilion that has no lights, equipment, poor condition of the bathrooms, among other areas.

José “Yeye” Aybar, President of the Santiago Volleyball Association, points out that the slow pace of the renovation works in La Barranquita and especially that pavilion have disrupted the minor tournaments and the work of four schools that work with adolescents in this area, constituting in a headache for the development of the athletes of this sports branch.

Yeye Aybar points out that they are literally juggling to maintain these volleyball schools in other sports institutions.

In addition, the construction of a mixed Police-Military headquarters that is being built at the main entrance of the most important sports complex in Santiago and that was built for the XV Central American and Caribbean Games that were held between June 24 and June 5, has been paralyzed. July 1986.

Given the situation, the director of sports in Santiago, Tony Peña, who, given the rains recorded in May, delayed the removal work in La Barranquita and this also caused the increase in grass on the athletics track, also attributes it to the rains and they hope that the land dry completely to be able to decorate and clean that area.

Tony Peña points out that they will also work on the repair of all the athletics field bathrooms and the work in the five pavilions that La Barranquita has are at eighty percent construction, both for volleyball, combat, gymnastics, boxing and table tennis .

The sports director in Santiago points out that if there is no delay in about five months, the work on the pavilions, including their bathrooms, has been one of the most difficult jobs due to the old pipes they have.

Tony Peña announced that the Olympic pool that is installed at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra, which is also being renovated, would also be delivered in about five months, which will have an investment of more than 25 million pesos.

The La Barranquita sports complex also has two softball stadiums, Cesar del Monte and Consuegra and Aníbal Medina, plus two stadiums, Luis Polonia, and Freddy Toribio, the latter will also be repaired along with the open basketball courts.

When the renovation of the largest sports complex in Cibao is finished, it will be supervised by volunteers led by businessman José Miguel Bonetti.

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