The Sports Law

Spanish sport has given itself a new Law in these Parties. After a long process, it has been approved at the bell, in time to save the grant from the EU of 140 million, which required its entry into force before December 31. The Congress closed the last procedure on the 22nd, so the sport will be able to eat the grapes quietly, with the modernization of that old text from 1990, which more than fulfilled its function, to the point of leading to Spain to the highest sporting heights in its history. The previous Law had become obsolete, on that the political parties and the sports community agreed. There was a consensus that it should be renewed, no one doubted that, although in the end the same consensus did not exist in the approval, because a territorial concession slipped in at the last minute, one of those that generate a lot of political noise: article 48.2 facilitates international representation to the autonomies in certain cases, although in reality the determining factors are so numerous, with the CSD as the final arbitrator, which surely does not have relevant repercussions.

Political debates on the sidelines, the Sports Law updates some really important issues in these times. From the outset, in its article 2, it defines sport as an “essential activity”, a great starting point. And then it delves into equality, inclusion, the protection of victims of abuse… It also defines what a professional athlete is, one of the great unfinished business of 1990, which did not clearly explain this concept. By the way, it picks up a classic claim of the federationswhich is multi-year funding during the Olympic cycle, to be able to program the Games without as many uncertainties as up to now. paris 2024 looms on the horizon, with Spanish sport in the process of modernization. A necessary jump.

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