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The spectacular Ferrari that can’t get wet

The spectacular Ferrari that can't get wet

ferrari is one of the most important brands in terms of exclusivity and, therefore, beyond limited editions, from time to time its Ferrari Style Center works in a unique car that has been commissioned by a particular client. His latest creation is the Ferrari SP51.

It hasn’t been long since his previous project (the Ferrari SP48 Unica was released in July), but it is because several are being developed simultaneously. In this case, complete the SP51 as directed by a collector Taiwanese It has taken two years of work.

The model is based on the Ferrari 812 GTS, the convertible most powerful of the brand, on which have been carried out numerous modifications. None of them in the mechanical aspect.

This SP51 maintains the naturally aspirated 6.5 V12 block of 800 hp and 718 Nm of torque, with which the conventional model accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds. In addition, it reaches 200 km/h from a standstill in 8.3 seconds and a top speed of 340km/h

what it does special to this specimen is everything related to design, both exterior and interior. First of all, it is a convertible that, directly, it dispenses with any type of roof. There’s no soft top or retractable hardtop – this is a sports car that simply can’t (or shouldn’t) be taken out on the road. when it rains.

Broadly speaking, you can see the proportions and shapes of the 812 Superfast, but sprinkled with a multitude of features that make it have a own identity.

The frontal, for example, it is more incisive. It features a redesigned bumper as well as an even larger and better defined air intake. The headlights are reduced in size and the hood features a section of carbon fiber near the windshield.

the same material it is present both on the spokes of the rims, specific to the model, and behind the front wheel arches. Carbon fiber also appears in the side skirts and in the sculpture rear diffuser, which houses two double exhaust outlets.

A body in passion red

The icing puts the color Rosso Passionale of the body, which ferrari created expressly for the SP51. The exterior is crossed longitudinally by a strip white and blue inspired by the 1955 Ferrari 410 S, a tone that is also present in the passenger compartment.

In the inside, the Rosso Passionale also predominates, which shapes the fabric Alcantara present in the seats, door panels and the bottom of the dashboard. In addition, there are touches of blue and white in contrasting elements, such as the stitching on the seats.

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