The special counsel investigating Hunter Biden plans to press charges in September

the special prosecutor David Weiss reiterated this Wednesday that he hopes Hunter Biden, the president’s son Joe Bidencharged with gun possession and filing tax returns before the end of September.

“The Speedy Trial Act requires the government to obtain the indictment from a grand jury no later than Friday, September 29. “The government intends to seek prosecution in this case before that date,” he said in a brief filed with the Delaware District Court.

On August 11, the United States Attorney General stated, Merrick garlandannounced the appointment of Weiss, the Delaware federal prosecutor who had been leading the investigation into the president’s son, as the special prosecutor in charge of that investigation.

That attorney, Garland said at the time, would oversee the investigation and decide “where, when, and if to press charges” without being subject to “the day-to-day supervision of a department official.”

Hunter Biden is accused of misrepresenting his taxes in 2017 and 2018, as well as a felony related to possession of a firearm, which is illegal for a person with addiction laws.

He was due to plead guilty at a hearing on July 27 after reaching a settlement with federal prosecutors, but the settlement fell through after the sentencing judge Maryellen Noreikanominated by the former President donald trump (2017-2021) expressed doubts about this.

Under that agreement, the President’s son could have avoided a formal charge under certain conditions, but after a hearing full of interruptions and amendments, Hunter Biden decided not to sign the agreement and plead not guilty. The White House later said the president would not use his powers to pardon his son if convicted.

Republicans, led by Trump, have used the investigation into Hunter Biden to cast doubt on his overseas business dealings and portray the president’s family as corrupt.

The Hunter Biden investigation opened in 2018 during Trump’s administration and was used by conservatives to attack the Democratic president, whom they accuse of making no effort to complete the investigation.

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