Midfielder Spanish Pedri won the award Golden boy for the best player under 21 in world football, an award that a Barcelona footballer has not won since 2005 when he obtained it Lionel Messi.

The young figure of Spanish football won the award given by the Italian sports newspaper Tuttosport, after widely exceeding English in the vote Jude Bellingham, from Borussia Dortmund.

Pedri is the second Barcelona footballer in history that wins this award after Rosario, current footballer of the Paris Saint Germain.

Another Argentine currently linked to Barcelona who won the award was Sergio Aguero, in 2007, when he joined the ranks of the Atlético de Madrid.

Pedri was the player most used by Barcelona in the last season with 52 games, and closed the first part of 2021 being the player with the most games played, with 73 presences, that you completed in the Tokyo Olympics.



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