Home Sports The Spanish footballer Mourinho wants at Roma

The Spanish footballer Mourinho wants at Roma

The Spanish footballer Mourinho wants at Roma

Roma are looking for reinforcements in the winter market to strengthen their last line of defense and reports from Italy suggest that one of the names on the list of possible additions is Spanish defender Pablo Marí. Currently linked to Monza until mid-2025, Marí stood out for his solid defense and ability to distribute the ball from the back.

Although Roma’s interest in Marí is obvious, the player does not seem ready to leave his club in the middle of the season. This could be an obstacle in the negotiations as the player has an ongoing contract and a commitment to Monza. However, football is unpredictable and circumstances in the world of sport can change quickly.

As Corriere dello Sport reports, Pablo Marí’s salary is estimated at around €2 million net per season, making him a player with a considerable salary. This could be a factor to consider for Roma who need to consider whether they are prepared to cover these costs in their household.

They value your international experience

Pablo Marí, 30, has had an interesting career, playing for clubs such as Flamengo and Arsenal before moving to Monza. His experience in top-level competitions could be of great use to Roma as they look to improve their position in Serie A and compete in European competitions.

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