The South American Games and a stellar presence

Asunción 2022 had been in danger of suspension in November 2021 due to a budget cut in the global pandemic context. However, over time the Paraguayan capital confirmed its completion and On Saturday, October 1, the Olympic cycle began that will qualify 18 sports for the Pan American Games. next year in Santiago de Chile.

It is the first time that the Guarani country organizes an event of this continental magnitude. The first days served to adjust certain organizational issues but as the days went by the conditions improved and the stories appeared in the first week of competitions.

From intensive care to the podium

Ivan Nikolayuk lives in Bahía Blanca, practices compound archery and last June 6 carbon monoxide poisoning. He was intubated for a day and several days in intensive care but miraculously recovered without sequelae and four months later he won the gold medal which allowed him to win a quota for his category for the Pan American Games next year.

It was a heater leak.. I started to feel dizzy and thought my blood pressure had dropped. But after I started bumping into the chairs, the table and I realized that it was something different. I was talking to my girlfriend and since I didn’t answer her anymore, she realized that something was happening,” said the goalkeeper in a chat with Page 12.

His girlfriend saved his lifearrived at the apartment and had to ask the neighbors to open the door of the building and finally the police were the ones who were able to enter the apartment to take Nikolajuk urgently, who after a week of controls and monitoring returned home.

How was the moment when you won the medal?

-When I shot the last arrow I didn’t want to think about anything, not even that I won and that if I won I would qualify for the Pan American Games because it could make me more nervous. I thought that I had to shoot the arrow like all the others and when I did I said ready, I won.

–How is your path in the Olympic cycle and what are you aiming for?

–I aim to win a gold medal at the Pan American Games like in 2019. I would love it to be individual and also I would like them to take into account our results, which sometimes they do not consider when sending us to a tournament or to give us some support.

One medal of each color

Malena Santillán gave three medals to Argentine swimming: a bronze in the 800 meter freestyle, a silver in the 4 x 100 combined relay and closed her participation with a surprising gold in the 200 meter backstroke.

The swimmer could not compete in the South American Youth Games because she was under the legal age. “I couldn’t be in Rosario because it was until 2007 and I’m 2008, but now being absolute I could,” said the Cordovan.

His first contact with the pool was at the age of 3 and never left again. Asunción 2022 will be unforgettable for her and may be the kick-off for a race to the Olympic Games in Paris. “I felt very good in the tournament, it was an incredible experience, I’m only 14 years old so I have many more to go. The preparation was with 3 or 4 double shifts, gym, psychologist and kinesiology”, commented the swimmer who will take 15 days of vacation.

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With Argentine passport

Eduardo Salgado is Venezuelan, he settled in Buenos Aires in December 2018 and through a friend he met the Fundación Argentina de Esgrima. “When I arrived, a man heard that I was missing a saber and he told me that he was going to give me one. I was in another country afraid of being rejected and they received me that way. It was incredible”the sabbath affirmed to Page 12.

Salgado had more than two years of struggle to obtain the Argentine passport that would allow him to be part of the team at the international level and finally the document arrived. The expectations were the best for his debut: “I knew I had the opportunity to reach the top since I have been working hard. I know I could do it because of the level I saw when I arrived”.

But quickly the illusion of being on the podium was diluted. Salgado suffered a torn posterior cruciate ligament of the knee in full competition, An injury that will take a long time to recover.

-What did you feel when you got injured?

-The world came crashing down on me because I fought for this for a long time and the moment it was achieved, look what happened to me. I can’t even explain how I feel. It’s time to keep fighting a little more.

From the Argentine Olympic Committee they made the decision to include him in the social work since he still did not have that because he just joined the team, so he does not receive a scholarship from Enard either.

–What accompaniment did you receive from the COA?

-The doctors of the delegation have been extremely aware of me so I am super grateful for that. I am worried about the economic part since I depend on the job I have at the foundation as a coach. I know that teacher Lucas Saucedo will support me in everything I need.

Mascherano in Asuncion

Javier Mascherano directed the Sub 20 National Team that was eliminated after two defeats and one victory. The former captain of Argentina was the great figure who was present at these South American Games. El Jefecito decided to take charge of the mixed zone the two days in which his National Team lost to Chile and Colombia and left his players to declare after the 3-0 victory against Ecuador.

“This type of playing field tends to even out everything. It is difficult to find solutions within a match, but between the heat and the synthetic turf, the circulation is not good and the game is slower”, declared Mascherano in the mixed zone.

Regarding the future Mascherano confirmed that he has to define the list for the South American to be held in January 2023.

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