The source code of the original Far Cry game leaked on the Internet

The original Far Cry game files they carried recently to the Internet No one is quite sure why the game loaded at this point or why.

PC gamers downloaded the .zip and tried to get the acclaimed shooter up and running.

Some say that some important files are missing – “It doesn’t appear to be a complete application (…) just a part, some exes but no Xbox code or game assets, and the code itself doesn’t compile without a large number of errors”, according to one person

Others insist that the game compiles and runs with a little extra work and building the binaries using Visual Studio 2003.

“It really compiles, I’ve seen people compile binaries successfully”responded Vinicius Medeiros, who revealed the leak on Twitter. “The person who said about the bugs just didn’t set it up right and about the features: you can take them out of the full game.”

The latest installment in the Far Cry universe is Far Cry 6, a game that was very well received by critics.

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