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The solidarity jersey is born

The solidarity jersey is born

A new garment and some new ones Colors will make its first appearance on this Tour of Spain. It’s a different outfit than before, innovative and above all for a good cause.. The solidarity jersey is born, designed to reward altruistic attitudes among runners with a charitable purpose: to offer bicycles as sustainable school transport for young people in Senegal.

This AS funded project was created by the Spanish NGO Bicicletas Sin Fronteras (BSF). which was formed in 2012 and is now focusing its resources on the African country. 7,000 students are currently benefiting from this program, and the follow-up shows that school performance has increased significantly The percentage of students in these centers who gained access to university it rose from 31% to 57%.

This jersey, which symbolizes a hug and is awarded daily at the signature check, marks a before and after. “It is aimed at those who believe in a better world and who know that what matters is not to win, but that we all win,” says Jorge Martínez, ideologue and creative director of this initiative.

The prediction is that the shirt is already on sale after the proceeds from La Vuelta www.maillotsolidario.org), 200 new students can reach educational centers with this means of transport. “This reduces absenteeism from school in Senegal, “Students don’t have to walk miles on dusty paths,” says Romà Boule, founder of the NGO. and which underscores that seeing yourself in La Vuelta is “a flight to heaven”.

A young Senegalese woman on her way to the education center with one of the BSF bikes

There are numerous attitudes or facts that can lead to a rider being awarded this jersey at every stage and which he picks up on at the start the next day: being supportive of his teammates (or rivals), having details and dealing with the fans ( especially the smallest or weakest). All kinds of kind gestures, every day.

The jury that decides daily who deserves this jersey consists of Juan Gutiérrez and Daniel Miranda (AS), Iñigo Markínez and Borja Cuadrado (Cadena SER), Carlos Arribas (El País) and Santi Blanco (former professional cyclist, member of La Vuelta and columnist for AS).

“This initiative is part of the social responsibility of a medium like AS to promote actions that improve our society and help those who need it most,” explains Vicente Jiménez, director of this medium. “The ultimate goal of the solidarity jersey is for African children to have a bike to ride to school. This means a radical change in her life. and above all, a new future is opening up to them. “Having AS participate in such a project is an encouragement and great satisfaction for us,” adds Jimenez.

Javier Guillén, director of La Vuelta, also expressed his gratitude: “When they told us about this idea, We wanted to get involved immediately to encourage gestures of solidarity in the peloton.”

Bikes without borders, in one of the educational centers

Vicente Jiménez concludes with the values ​​of this garment: “The jersey will reward the attitude and supportive behavior of the members of the peloton.” It is an essential value for the clean exercise of cycling. It is a sport that promotes the best virtues of sacrifice, generosity, achievement and dedication. This is cycling. That’s what our jersey stands for.”

La Vuelta begins this Saturday in Barcelona with a team time trial and ends on Sunday 17 September in Madrid. What is happening will have an important outcome in Senegal, more than 3,000 kilometers from the Spanish capital. Everything fits together in this solidarity initiative.

*The Vuelta solidarity jersey can now be purchased online www.maillotsolidario.org

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