The social muscle of Mestalla: average of 40,000 spectators

Mestalla is a few weeks away from its 100th anniversary and a multitude of Valencia goals have been celebrated in its stands, although not as many with the emphasis with which Javi Guerra’s was celebrated in discount against Valladolid. That goal has everything to become eternal, such as Forment in the 1971 League, that of Miguel Tendillo when relegation was avoided in 1983, that of Robert Fernandez to Real Madrid in 1992, that of Juan Sanchez against Leeds in the 2001 Champions League semifinal or those of Ruben Baraja against Espanyol in the League that was won by Benítez in 2002. A goal that is remembered saying: “I was at Mestalla”.

But Javi Guerra’s goal, obviously, will be on the altars of history if it serves any purpose, that is, as long as Valencia achieve permanence. And it has become clear that that match is also being played by his fanswho in one hand carries the scarf of the feeling of belonging and in the other the ‘Lim Go Home’ banner, because his role in the fight for permanence is fulfilled in parallel to his unanimous rejection of the management of the club’s largest shareholder .

Last Thursday, a weekday and at 7:30 p.m., Mestalla registered the third best entry of the season: 42,032 spectators. Such assistance is only behind the visits this year to Valencia of the FC Barcelona (46,055) and Atlético de Madrid (43,910)two games that are one of those indicated by all fans on the calendar and two teams that are also usually accompanied by hundreds of fans to the stadiums, which increases the attendance of the public in the stands reserved for visiting fans.

At Mestalla, 16 games have already been played this season and the average attendance is close to 40,000. Specifically, 39,959 viewers on average. Analyzing day by day, the public’s response also reflects the roller coaster of emotions in which Valencia is inhabiting this course. Thus, until the World Cup break, when the Gattuso effect had hooked the public thanks to wins like Getafe (5-1) or Celta (3-0), in six of the eight games played until the end of October at Mestalla. the border of 40,000 spectators was exceeded:

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Match with GattusoAttendance
Valencia vs Getafe38725

Things changed around Qatar. The results in the League began to go wrong, the sensations were of another lost year, with another test of inability in the January market, with the public falling into despair with the ‘tiki-taka’ without Gattuso and an elimination in the Cup that lit the stands for the form. In fact, after those quarterfinals, in the league matches against Almería (33,507) and Athletic Bilbao (36,885) the worst assists of the course were recorded. Such data means that for those matches hardly any tickets were sold, that is, they were the members and not all (the club has around 36,000 this year). It must be remembered that on Athletic’s day a protest by LibertadVCF was seconded not to enter the stadium until the 19th minute, thousands of fans participating in this initiative.

Gattuso-Voro transition matches

Baraja’s arrival had a hooking effect and his message of the real threat of relegation stuck. After his debut with a defeat in Getafe, Valencianism began to assimilate that relegation to the Second Division was a being of flesh and blood and not just a ghost that fluttered around Valencia due to Lim’s management. And since then the public got into its role as player number 12. Real Sociedad (37,570), Osasuna (37,888), Rayo Vallecano (39,867), Sevilla (39,759) and Valladolid (42,032). To all this we must add the massive trips to Almería (almost a thousand), Elche (close to 5,000) and the next one to Cádiz (the 500 available tickets sold out in just two hours).

Matches with DeckAttendance
Valencia-Real Sociedad37,570
Valencia-Rayo Vallecano39,867

Mestalla does not forget Peter Lim, who is reminded every 19 minutes that they don’t want him, although his understanding, sympathy and communion with the group of kids led by Baraja is being exemplary. Mestalla is experiencing this final of the League with the same feeling of belonging to the last Copa del Rey final that he has played in Seville against Barcelona or Betis, demonstrating once again that That social muscle that Valencia CF has is what makes it great… even when they insist on making it small.

VALENCIA, 04/27/2023.- The Valencia players celebrate the 2-1 win during the LaLiga matchday 31 match between Valencia CF and Real Valladolid, this Thursday at the Mestalla stadium, in Valencia.  EFE/ Kai Försterling
VALENCIA, 04/27/2023.- The Valencia players celebrate the 2-1 win during the LaLiga matchday 31 match between Valencia CF and Real Valladolid, this Thursday at the Mestalla stadium, in Valencia. EFE/ Kai Försterling
kai forsterlingEFE

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