The soap opera Denis gets entangled

The soap opera Denis gets entangled

Burn the case denis suarez. Banned by the president Carlos Mourino to wear the light blue shirt again and with an agreement to sign free for the villarreal On July 1, the midfielder’s situation has become more entangled in the last few hours. According to The voice of Galiciathe player of Salceda de Caselas aims to immediately reinforce a celestial rival in the fight for permanence given that the Spanish would have taken the lead to act as a bridge club until the end of the season. Since Headquarters they deny everything.

Sources close to the footballer have confirmed ACE that there are contacts so that the situation of the ‘6′ It will be unlocked in the next few days. Several League teams have shown interest in having Denis during the first semester of the year, one of them Espanyol. If his departure from vigo, Celta would have more financial resources to shore up their squad with the signing of the attacker requested by Carlos Carvalhal.

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Trying to seal peace between the youth player and Mouriño, publicly confronted since the summer of 2021 for the Bugarin caseit’s found Luis Campos. The external sports director pursues, on the one hand, that Celta forget their claim to collect a transfer and, on the other, that the midfielder renounces part of the salary that remains to be received from the olive entity until June 30. The voice of Galicia points out that the positions are close, but this information has been denied by the club to ACE.

From the upper echelons of the entity from Vigo it is emphatically stated that there are no news, much less an open negotiation with Espanyol. It is even predicted that Denis is not going to move from Celta until next summer, so he will conclude his relationship with the club to which he returned in 2019, accumulating more than a year without playing. His last game was played on May 21.


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