The snake was hidden in the commode of the toilet, then something happened that…

The snake was hidden in the commode of the toilet, then something happened that...

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The snake was hidden in the commode.


  • The snake was hidden in the commode of the washroom.
  • The police had to be called to remove the snake.
  • The police left the snake in a safe place.

New York: There are many people in the world who start sweating as soon as they see snakes. The truth is that most snakes are not venomous, but snakes still scare a large population of the world. The relationship between snakes and humans is also centuries old, and they often register their presence around humans. So what if you come to know that there is a snake hidden in your bathroom and that too inside the commode! Obviously, one would be scared in such a situation.

Police called to remove snake

Something similar happened in a house in Alabama, America. When a member of the house entered the washroom to do the toilet, he saw a snake inside the commode. Now who remembers the toilet in such a situation! The people of the house thought it right to call the police as soon as possible and after some time the police also came. After some effort, the policemen pulled the snake out of the commode and took it outside to the proper place and released it.

‘The snake hidden in the commode was not dangerous’

Describing the whole matter, the Eufaula Police Department said that day shift was going on when their officers got the news about it. The department said in a Facebook post, ‘We never know why people are going to call us. Although this snake was not dangerous. It was a rat snake which has now been left in its proper place.

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