The smart thermostat will allow you to plan your heating costs

tado°, a company specializing in the intelligent management of home air conditioning, today announced the first phase of its new intelligent software to offer users an greater control of heating costs.

The new cost forecasting tool allows, with an Auto-Assist subscription, closely monitor home heating costs.

Cost forecasting works by creating a link between heating performance and energy cost. This is achieved by relating temperature and application settings to analog data or smart meters and the help of real-time algorithms.

The new software is able to identify potential savings to thus provide users with advice and advice to achieve maximum efficiency and reduce costs. For example, you’ll know how much you’ll save on your next bill if you lower your target temperature from 23°C to 22°C.

This translates into a savings on the bill and a reduction in the family’s carbon footprint.

Tado thermostat °


“The price of gas and electricity has reached its highest level in much of Europe, implying that users will notice this increase this winter”explained ° co-founder and CPO Christian Deilmann.

“Thanks to connectivity, cloud computing and data science, it is now possible to make informed decisions about how much to spend in the comfort of home. These days, people turn heat up and down without knowing what it really means to their annual bill. With cost forecasting, guessing the cost of the invoice is a thing of the past”.

The first version of this new function is available from today to selected user groups across Europe. From now on, versions will be updated during the heating season.

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