Home Business The smart fashion brand Sepiia opens its first Flagship Store in Barcelona

The smart fashion brand Sepiia opens its first Flagship Store in Barcelona

The smart fashion brand Sepiia opens its first Flagship Store in Barcelona

sepiito arrives in Catalonia with his first Flagship Store in the center of Barcelona. The emblematic Rambla de Catalunya, number 89, It has been the place chosen to open the firm’s flagship store, which has another physical space on Calle Hortaleza in Madrid.

Firm commitment to retail

Barcelona represents 20% of the sales made through the ecommerce of Sepiia, so the firm expects the physical store to be profitable before the end of the year. With this opening, the brand reaffirms its commitment to the retail and sets the goal that it supposes 12% of total billingwhich are expected to be greater than 5 millions of euros in 2023.

«For us this opening is a fundamental step for the consolidation of the brand. After the successful experience of our Sepiia Space in Madrid, we opened our first FlagShip store in the heart of Barcelona’s fashion, a unique showcase where we can bring our innovation closer to a national and international audience and thus promote the expansion of Sepiia”ensures Federico Sainz de Robles, CEO of the firm.

The new point of sale 185 m2has been inspired by the main values ​​of the brand: the innovation and sustainability.

The store has an experimental space in which the visitor can ‘test’ the fabric of smart garments, which are breathable and do not stain or wrinkle.

to explain the fabrication process of the same, the flagship It has an installation where you can see how a garment is created, from the 100% recycled raw material that is used up to how the high-performance yarn (with antibacterial and quick-drying technology) in fabricand even how it can be recycled again to create new products.

In addition, part of the store furniture It has been made with recycled materials by local artisans and there is a container in which you can deposit Sepiia garments that are no longer used to be able to recycle them. With this, the textile innovation company manages to have the traceability of its garments and guarantees that they are recycled and that the materials have a new life.

As for the design, the line is minimalist, where intelligent fashion becomes the protagonist. In the store they will be exposed the complete Sepiia collections, both for men and women, and a selection of items discounted by up to 30%, as the opening coincides with the sales period.

With the Barcelona store Sepiia will create six new jobs.

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