The six points of the Ferran Torres Shark philosophy

Ferran Torres confirmed his resurgence with the double he scored in a stunning 6-0 win over Cyprus. The “Shark”, as he called himself, explained at the end of the game the philosophy with which he wanted to smell blood again both at Barça and in the national team.

1-Use every minute

“You have to use every minute as an opportunity.” This idea was very clear to him at Barça when he came out in the second half and he managed to get Xavi to see him as a “role model”. in the locker room for his attitude.

2-What motivates you?

The fact that De la Fuente didn’t call him up was “a motivation for Ferran to turn things around.” Under no circumstances did he lower his head or give up. He wasn’t thinking about leaving Barça, but about earning minutes, and in La Roja he only gave up after his return.

3 tattoos

Ferran has tattooed: “You fall, try and get back up.”. A premise that he fulfilled in bad times, as he insisted that “it’s not how many times you fall, but how many times you get up.” I made a leap in quality and maturity.


Confronted with criticism from the pressespecially those who pointed out that he was “attached” to Luis Enrique in the national team when his partner was the daughter of the Asturian, opted for a radical position: “I blocked all the press, I don’t read anything. “ It doesn’t help me, from experience I think which one is the best and I prefer to laugh when they ask me about it.” The Valencian clarified that he understands that “the press is part of the show and you have to live with it .”


“Football has no memory.” Ferran has had great moments, particularly in the national team, in Valencia and in his signing for Manchester City. He started well at Barça, but had a difficult year last year. The striker doesn’t cling to his previous successes and is aware that he has to earn them every time.


Hard work and persistence are the foundation of your success. Not only to get into optimal physical condition without practically resting on vacation or on days off, but also to improve with every training session. He was not so subtle in definition and his formula was as practical as it was simple: “I practiced a lot in every session. With these pieces it is important to have inner peace.” This is characterized by his effectiveness in front of the door. This season it’s been a goal practically every time.

Next goal: be a starter

Ferran has regained the trust of Xavi Hernández and Luis de la Fuente. The next step is to get back into the starting lineup, which could even happen on Saturday against Betis. Lamine Yamal and Raphinha have piled on a lot of pressure this international break and Gündogan’s injury, along with Pedri’s, also opens a gap.

Xavi could use him as a second striker or even place him in the midfield position., in the most attacking position on the pitch, with Oriol Romeu, De Jong and Gavi in ​​the build-up behind them. A position in which he already played last season in a game with good performances, such as the duel against Atlético de Madrid, in which he scored the goal that secured half of the league.

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