The signing that the Warriors are missing to guide Stephen Curry to a new ring

The positions that the San Francisco team would have to reinforce to lead the NBA

The Golden State Warriors currently have 13 players on their roster, including Stephen Curry which means you can still add two more men. However, according to Anthony Slater, it is likely that these two holes will remain unfilled for a while, and one of them perhaps indefinitely.

The Warriors have claimed that they intend to have 15 players, counting Stephen Curry. But Slater seems to question this idea, suggesting that given the huge impact each addition has right now at the luxury tax level, they may opt to stay at 14.

stephen curry warriors
Curry asks the Warriors for a key signing

The Warriors roster with Stephen Curry is not enough to cover some gaps

However, said 14 position is not on the way to being occupied any time soon. Well, those of the Californian team could leave it empty waiting for a player to be fired by another important team. Specifically, it seems that Rudy Gay is a man who has turned heads in San Francisco.

The forward chose to exert his player option worth 6.5 million with the Utah Jazz in late June. And since then he has been traded twice. First to Atlanta in the John Collins signing, then to Oklahoma City in the package sent by Patty Mills.

Free agents who would fit in perfectly like the case of Rudy Gay

The franchise already used a similar strategy last year. This, when they waited for the market to be quite advanced to fill the roster and were able to get JaMychal Green. This year, with an even more extreme situation in their salary situation, it seems that they are on their way to doing exactly the same.

And if no such possibility materializes, they can always use this hole to sign a player who has a contract only for the training camp but whose performance during it convinces them. For now, the information is being awaited by each of the Golden State Warriors fans.

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