The signing that FC Barcelona wants to steal from PSG after the Dembélé case

The shadow of the ‘Dembélé case’ continues to haunt FC Barcelona and as the transfer market moves forward, the Culé club are determined to find a solution in their scrimmage. In this context, a name emerges from France’s Ligue 1, a country that has been at the center of the recent controversy surrounding the Barça side: Bradley Barcola, the pearl of Olympique de Lyon.

At 21, Barcola has shown himself to be a versatile and promising right-footed winger, capable of going off balance on either wing and even taking on the role of centre-forward. Last season marked a before and after in his career, recording seven goals and nine assists in Ligue 1. His explosive style of play, characterized by his speed, skill and ability to deliver that last pass, makes him the ideal candidate to fill the void left by Dembélé.

The signing that FC Barcelona wants to steal from PSG after the Dembélé case

FC Barcelona is not alone in the race for Barcola. PSG, the same team that signed Dembélé, also have their eye on the talented winger. According to reports from RMC Sport, PSG Lyon have already made a €30m offer for Barcola, however, the French club rejected the offer and set a price of €50m. Barcelona are once again in contention for a player with the Parisian club, underscoring the rivalry that has emerged between the two teams in the market.

The decision to sign Dembélé doesn’t seem to stop PSG from pursuing other goals like Barcola. The impending departures of key figures like Mbappé and the uncertainty surrounding Neymar could create room for new talent in the Paris squad. Furthermore, the influence of Luis Enrique, who appears to have given his consent to Barcola’s possible arrival, could have an impact on the final decision.

The will of the player will also be a decisive factor. Barcola could see a clearer title chance in FC Barcelona compared to PSG. With Jorge Mendes as his representative, ties with the Barcelona club could play an important role in the negotiations.

The search for a new winger continues at FC Barcelona and Bradley Barcola presents himself as an exciting option with potential. As negotiations progress, the fate of this young talent is yet to be decided, but his name has already taken a prominent place in the transfer market discussion.

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