The FC Barcelona closed the permanent sale of Philippe Coutinho for 20 million euros (plus 50% of capital gains from the next sale) to Aston Villa, in a positive movement for the accounts because they will have more money in cash to invest and will stop paying the Brazilian’s salary, one of the highest of the entire current squad.

The Blaugrana team now has more money to invest in the summer and be able to close a new signing, taking into account that they already have Andreas Christensen and Franck Kessié who will arrive as free agents. The club may apply the 1/3 rule of La Liga and invest a third of what is received. And it will also lower the negative salary limit, currently at 144.3 million euros.

The signing that Barcelona wants to close with Coutinho’s money

With this money, the Blaugrana team intends to pay for the incorporation of Mark Alonso in the next summer transfer market to strengthen the left wing and have a piece that can compete with Jordi Alba on the left side. A more than intelligent move to be able to give Xavi Hernández more pieces in his wardrobe.

Marcos Alonso wants to leave Chelsea and the blue team wants to leave him, taking into account that he wants to sign a new left winger to be a substitute for Ben Chilwell. At the end of the contract in the summer of 2023, the Spaniard has a very low market price, which FC Barcelona wants to take advantage of to reinforce his defensive line. A key move that can fit perfectly with Coutinho’s departure to Aston Villa.


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