The shopkeeper hired security guards to protect the tomatoes

A vegetable seller in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh surprised everyone by deploying a security guard at the shop to protect the tomatoes.

According to the local media, after the sharp increase in the price of tomatoes in India, the incidents of tomato theft also increased, considering which a vegetable grower named Ajay hired two security guards at his shop.

Ajay says that due to the rising price of tomatoes, many customers stand at the shop and try to be aggressive and even fight among themselves.

He said that along with the increase in the price of tomato, its theft has also increased, keeping this in mind, I have hired security guards to deal with the unpleasant situation.

Ajay, a greengrocer, is selling tomatoes at Rs 140 to 160 per kg. Security guards keep a close eye on customers and tomatoes standing in front of the shop from 9 am to 5 am.

Another political party SP chief Akhilesh Yadav shared a photo of Ajay and his bodyguards on social media and wrote sarcastically that ‘BJP government should provide ‘Z-Plus’ security to tomatoes.

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