The Shocking Wholesale Price of IShowSpeed’s Hand-Plucked Hair

IShowSpeed’s European Tour Takes a Dramatic Turn as He Faces Harsh Reality in Norway

Fan Rips Out Speed’s Hair and Sells it for High Price

Popular streamer IShowSpeed’s life took an unexpected turn during his European tour, which has been taking him through various countries including Norway, Netherlands, Venice, Belgium, Poland, Sweden, Germany, and more. While he has been having a blast enjoying the Euro Cup and exploring new places, his trip to Norway turned out to be a shocking experience.

During a visit to Norway, IShowSpeed was attacked by a mob of fans who pulled his hair, with one follower even managing to rip off a portion of his hair. The incident left the streamer with a tough moment in his career, and things took a darker turn when a follower named Markus Oppegard put two locks of his hair up for sale online for a hefty price of $1,695.95.

The incident sparked outrage among fans, with IShowSpeed expressing great anger and announcing that he would never return to Norway. The streamer has been quite vocal about the inhumane treatment he received during the incident, making it clear that he will not forget this experience.

The European Tour of IShowSpeed

The European tour, which was made possible thanks to the Euro Cup, has been an adventure for the streamer. He has been jumping over canal bridges in the style of Assassin’s Creed, trying out a Formula 4 car, and even getting into an accident with a fan driving. With his journey worth mentioning, the streamer’s experiences are sure to captivate his audience.

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