The shocking murder of the journalist the day after the news was published

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Another journalist in Mexico lost his life for writing the truth, gunmen shot dead outside his office.

In this regard, the foreign news agency Reports It has been reported that journalist Haber López Vázquez shared a story on his Facebook page yesterday about a local politician that described evidence of financial corruption against him.

According to police, at sunset on Thursday, February 10, two men in a white pickup truck pulled up in front of Haber Lopez Vasquez’s radio studio in southern Mexico. One of them entered the office and shot dead the 42-year-old journalist.

The accused managed to escape from the scene after the incident. The brother of the deceased Lopez told the media that Lopez’s 12-year-old son Oscar, who was with him, saw the opportunity and hid in the office due to which he opened fire. survived.

According to the report, the deceased López Vasquez published a news on Facebook a day ago accusing local politician Armenda Espinosa Cartas of corruption.

As soon as the incident was reported, the police cordoned off the area and taking immediate action arrested the two suspects in a white pick-up truck. One of the arrested is the brother of politician Espinosa.

It should be noted that the deceased Lopez is one of the 13 journalists in Mexico who were shot because of their journalistic services. The year 2022 was the most dangerous year for media workers in the country. Thus, the number of journalists killed in the country since 2000 has reached 130.