The shocking moment when the killers open fire on Fernando Villavicencio

The anti-corruption and anti-correista candidate has received death threats from the Sinaloa cartel. Despite this, Fernando Villavicencio was the scourge of corruption in Ecuador and had a clear anti-mafia discourse. He wore police protection, although it turned out that it was not enough. Ecuador has had a high crime rate for months. Insecurity reigns on the streets of Ecuador and politicians have become targets of drug traffickers.

There are pictures of the moment when the killer Open fire on Villavicencio, the candidate of the Movimiento Construye, at the end of a political act in the Ecuadorian capital, Quito.

Witnesses say that the criminal gang fired several shots, about 30 or 40 bullets were lost. According to the first information Villavicencio was hit by three goals. In addition, nine other people were injured.

Villavicencio was used to being in the spotlight. During the presidency of Rafael CorreaAfter exposing several corrupt conspiracies, he was forced to leave the country. First the natives welcomed him, then he applied for asylum in Peru. He was there until the end of Correa’s term and returned to Ecuador in September 2017, where he continued his investigations and ran for his first political office in 2021.

Villavicencio’s sister accuses the government and the interior minister of not having offered her brother guarantees and security.

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