The Shaman Battalion: Ukraine’s elite forces tasked with eliminating top Russian forces

Soldiers of the Ukrainian special forces of the elite Shaman Battalion are working on Russian territory to remove some of the top executives in Moscowaccording to Kiev sources.

“We’ve increased the number of targets, anti-human operations, or specific targets, such as buildings where there is a general or someone inside Russia,” he told the London newspaper. The times a Ukrainian sergeant with the call sign “Intelligent”.

The battalion’s fighters would have been “Crossing the Russian border to attack air bases and kill the top Kremlin army”in accordance with The times. The command, which reports to the Ukrainian military intelligence service, has been conducting operations against the Moscow army for almost a decade.

The chief of the shaman battalion told the show “The War Zone”. The ride in July of the past priesthood that his men They had carried out “previous, multiple and numerous missions in Crimea and other areas”.. “We had some operations in Russia well before 2022 because Russia actually started this war against Ukraine in 2014 and not in 2022,” he said. Several militias linked to the Kremlin operate on the peninsula, illegally annexed by Russia that same year.

In June 2022, The times It has already been reported that the shaman fighters tried “Destruction of infrastructure vital to the Kremlin’s war effort” in “covert raids inside Russia”, citing two planning staff and an intelligence officer.

Last week, the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine stated that fighters from the Shaman Battalion “penetrated deep into the occupied territories and continued to inflict casualties on the enemy.” The statement gave no further details on the operations. He just added that a unit of Russian specialists had been shot down. The fighters were stationed on the east bank of the Kherson region in southern Ukraine, which was under Russian military occupation.

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Russia’s state-run news agency TASS reported earlier this week that a spokesman for GUR, Ukraine’s military intelligence agency, reported in various media outlets that Ukrainian special forces were working “effectively and not just at the front”. but also behind the front.. He believed the warnings.

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