The sexual beasts of the Indian Army did not spare their female officers either

Sexual brutality in the Indian Army has increased to such an extent that now even female officers are not safe from it.

The Indian Army is infamous worldwide for its sexual brutality, thousands of cases of rape of women by Indian soldiers have been reported in Occupied Kashmir, Assam and other states and now these sexual beasts are not even sparing their own female officers.

According to Indian media reports, the woman captain of the Indian Army had come to 17 Mountain Division in Sikkim state for a river rafting course last year and was staying in a government residence during that time.

One night, a non-commissioned officer of the Indian Army forcefully entered her room and began to say vulgar things about her. The non-commissioned officer also sexually harassed the female captain. She managed to get out.

The female captain reported the incident to the higher authorities, after the initial investigation of the incident, court martial proceedings were initiated against the non-commissioned officer. Recommended one year imprisonment along with dismissal of the army officer in Najas.

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