The seventh edition of the Alibaba Maker Festival kicks off

Alibaba has been holding a festival of innovation and entrepreneurship called Maker Festival in Guangzhou for seven years. In it they bring together brands and entrepreneurs to learn about the creations of more than 100 brands between August 26 and 30.

At the event’s opening ceremony this year, they announced new support measures for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) operating on Taobao and Tmall. «I feel like I too was an entrepreneur at every stage of my 12 year journey with Alibaba. The Maker Festival is a window into the latest in entrepreneurship and innovation in China and, more importantly, the dazzling entrepreneurial spirit that drives its development. We appreciate the trust of SMEs and entrepreneurs who have chosen Taobao and Tmall as their partner. We will continue to introduce new measures to encourage its growth and use the Maker Festival as a platform to reinforce our commitment to support the broader business community.“, he claimed Wenfei HAN, General Manager of Taobao and Tmall Marketing.

News from the Maker Festival 2022

The Maker Festival 2022, to be held in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China, is themed “The Future Land”, inspired by the concept of futuristic camps sci fi. In addition to an exhibition, it includes a forum that brings together those responsible for brands established
and other industry stakeholders to facilitate the exchange of ideas that can help
Help budding entrepreneurs discover and take advantage of growth opportunities.

This year’s Maker Festival innovation expo is designed to be more interactive than ever. Visitors can enjoy a immersive experience exploring the 20,000 square meters of “camping ground” with a smart bracelet to interact with the exhibits. Those who are not present at the offline exhibition can also navigate the online exhibition using their unique avatar with the support of Taobao Life, a virtual world based on 3D avatars, from August 27 to September 1.

Consumer trends reflected in the Maker Festival 2022

  • Technology is highly integrated into all aspects of life, and innovations occur in
    areas such as improving our health and caring for pets.
  • Wellness from the inside is surprisingly popular with the younger generation.
    More and more people are falling in love with “grass sports” such as Frisbee,
    and they consciously choose healthy diets like non-alcoholic beer and superfoods.
  • Home economics drives elevated home products that allow homeowners to express themselves.
  • The combination of traditional and modern design elements is also gaining favor among Gen Z designers in China.
  • Sustainability is a new topic among more companies, whose products are increasingly created with eco-friendly materials or with the purpose of promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle.
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Support measures for Taobao and Tmall merchants

Alibaba has always been an advocate for SMEs and entrepreneurs, driving initiatives that
that make it possible for even the smallest ideas to become businesses.

During the last fiscal year, Taobao and Tmall waived fees for certain tools and to support micro, small, and medium-sized businesses.

For Maker Festival 2022, Taobao and Tmall will redouble their support measures for merchants and businessmen. These measures will focus on merchant support optimization and the reduction of operating costss, including personalized assistance for merchants of different scales and stages of development.

  • for the new Taobao merchantsTaobao will offer more basic training, such as
    store-opening courses and new-merchant-specific lectures to help new merchants start their business from scratch.
  • For the Tmall merchants targeting new niche markets, Tmall will offer multi-dimensional services to help them improve performance and develop innovative products to gain traction.
  • Taobao and Tmall will expand free access to their analytics tools to help improve merchants’ operational efficiency.

Taobao has always been fertile ground for China’s youth with novel ideas and entrepreneurial enthusiasm to turn your ideas into viable businesses. In this the platform is launching a series of new programs for help young entrepreneurs, especially recent graduates, to start their businesses. Along with other planned initiatives, Taobao has already introduced support programs for college students in August.

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