The Senate has stopped this Wednesday a bill led by the Democrats to guarantee the right to abortion within the framework of the leaked, non-final draft of the Supreme Court of the United States that endangers the historic ruling ‘Roe versus Wade’, which establishes the constitutional right to abortion in the country.

The Law for the Protection of Women’s Health, which seeks to strengthen reproductive health, has not gone ahead after a vote with 49 votes in favor and 51 against, a count well below the 60 senators needed to break the rule of filibuster, established in 1970 in the Senate.

The moderate Democrat, Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, has thus joined the Republicans to vote against the measure and prevent it from advancing amid, in addition, fears that ‘Roe versus Wade’ will be annulled, as as reported by CNN.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of the New York Democratic Party has said he has been "one of the most important votes" that has been carried out in decades and has added that "for Republicans it’s about making abortion illegal everywhere"according to the NBC News network.

After learning of the veto of the bill, the president of the United States, Joe Biden, stated in a statement that "the constitutional rights of women are under unprecedented attack, which goes against the will of the majority of the American people".

"Republicans in Congress, none of whom voted for this bill, have chosen to stand in the way of the rights of Americans to make the most personal decisions about their own bodies, families and lives"has highlighted.

Thus, it has once again called for the election of ‘pro-election’ senators ahead of the legislative elections in November, something that would allow "return a majority to the House". "If they do, Congress can pass this bill in January and put it on my desk so I can sign it."has explained.

"While this legislation did not pass today, my Administration will not stop fighting to protect women’s access to reproductive care. We will continue to uphold the constitutional rights to make private reproductive decisions, as recognized in ‘Roe versus Wade’ nearly half a century ago."has settled.

The leaked 98-page document written by Judge Samuel Alito shows that the majority of members of the Supreme Court would have decided to annul this historic ruling, a legal precedent that has been used in the country since 1973, which could transform the landscape. of the reproductive health of millions of women in the United States.

Inspired by the rule of the state of Texas, which prohibits the right to abortion even in situations of rape or incest, there are many states controlled by the Republicans in which texts have been presented prohibiting or restricting this constitutional right based on the possible decision of the Supreme.

This Texas law, passed in September, is based on the so-called "fetal heartbeat"which denies access to the interruption of pregnancy from the sixth week, and is considered one of the most controversial and restrictive regulations, since it encourages snitching among private citizens in exchange for an economic reward


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