Home Sports The semifinals cover any controversy of the Stupaczuk accident

The semifinals cover any controversy of the Stupaczuk accident

The semifinals cover any controversy of the Stupaczuk accident

Stupaczuk’s accidental retirement (he hit the billboards on a track start) marked the day of quarterfinals. Franco had to resign in the second set when he was already he was down against Sanyo and Momo (7-5 ​​and 3-2) and of this form loses with Di Nenno his first semifinal of the season. Other players have also suffered with the LEDs, because they are so low that they cannot be seen. Momo, for example, the first day, and Coello today, but he downplayed the matter: “The problem is that it is very low, and when you go out if you look for the ball you don’t even appreciate that they are right there. We will have to be more careful.” The organization explained that the regulatory distance measures (four meters) are met, although some player had warned that it could be a security problem. Fortunately, Franco did not suffer any bone breaks, although the Argentine withdrew because he felt weak in his hand, beyond the abrasions on his knees..

Momo and Sanyo, who overturned the initial 0-3, will face Paquito Navarro and Chingotto, who clearly defeated Gil and Moyano (6-1 and 6-3). The match is the second of the day, and Paquito remembers that against Sanyo and Momo they have always played tough and competitive matches, and also, that he is “delighted that Chingotto is the one that receives the most volume of play”.

The semifinals start with the women’s match Ari Sánchez and Paula Josemaría (13:00) before the Sánchez Alayeto Twins. The other female semifinal is Marta Ortega and Gemma Triay against Bea González and Delfi Brea. That is to say, the same four semifinalist couples in Rome, although the rival is exchanged. The four go easily to this almost definitive phase: Ari and Paula, 6-3 and 6-0 against Castelló and Araujo; Gemma and Marta, 6-3 and 6-1 against Claudia Jensen (she turned 18 yesterday) and Vero Vírseda; the Twins, 6-2 and 6-1 against Goenaga and Martínez; and Delfi and Bea, 6-0 and 6-2 against Sainz and Osoro.

The match between Tapia and Coello against Sanz and Nieto, had a point of emotion when this couple equalized the clash in the second set, answering with a 2-6 the 6-1 that they had conceded from the start. The Rome winners seemed hesitant, but they struck back in the third, 6-2, to end any uprising in their dominance. Maxi Grabiel, Nieto and Sanz’s coach, lamented after “the break so fast that Coello and Tapia have achieved, which has already given them wings to take the third set”. Tapia recalled that “Nieto is always a toothache, and Sanz beat us two weeks ago”, while Coello had words of support for a spectator who interrupted the match to receive medical help, unwell in the stands: “Winning is fine, but above all I hope that you are in good condition.”

Maxi Sánchez and Lucho Capra, who defeated Bergamini and Victor Ruiz by a double 6-4 at dawn, will be Tapia Coello’s rivals. The two Argentines are always a box of surprises with which it is impossible to trust. They have never managed to beat them, but that does not prevent them from having options in Madrid.

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