The school principal went to court to ‘save his wife from violence’

New Delhi: An Indian court has ordered security to be provided to a school principal who was tortured by his wife.

According to Indian media reports, Ajit Yadav, the principal of a government school in Rajasthan’s Alwar district, had filed a petition in a local court seeking his wife’s release.
Avoid constant beatings and abuse.

Ajit Yadav also submitted videos of his wife’s “abuse and abuse” as evidence in court, after which the court ordered the police to investigate the incidents and provide security to the victim’s husband.

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One of the videos that the victim’s husband presented in court went viral on social media in recent days, showing a woman beating him with a cricket bat, an iron fist and other “household items”. Meanwhile, one of his sons is watching the whole affair with great helplessness.

Ajit Yadav demanded from the court that he should be punished for the misdeeds committed by his wife. I had to go back, the evidence I have presented proves that my wife is abusing me.

Police have also confirmed that they have been ordered by a local court to investigate allegations of abuse against Ajit Yadav by his wife.

It should be noted that the incidents of abuse against the husband by the wife are not a new thing in India.

According to a study, 51.5% of the 1,000 men in India have been subjected to violence by their wives at least once in their lifetime, yet domestic law does not criminalize domestic violence against a husband.

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