The scandal grows over baptisms in Gymnastics

The subject is aired with strict reserve request. Data is whispered, by no means hinted out loud. And what is told, generally with the microphones and cameras turned off, exceeds the football plane and invades the delicate field of privacy. Specifically there is talk of excesses in a custom, that of initiation rites, which football (actually Argentine society) should put aside for allowed, for dangerous. And because he no longer amuses anyone.

If ever, some found it nice or repeated to shave or ruin the hair of the boys from the lower divisions when they were doing their first pre-season with the professionals, now it seems that the limit of good taste has been crossed without return.. The baptism of a youth from Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata in the 2021 winter preseason by a group of the most expert players on the squad would have led to a situation of sexual abuse that just now took public status disseminated from social networks.

The issue in question involves former gymnastics footballers, who were part of a group called “The Ninjas” that during the preseason, he made very heavy jokes to the youth players. According to the version circulating in the club environment, one of those Ninjas would have entered the room of the Estancia Chica complex where one of the boys was resting and in the dark, would have sexually exceeded with him. The president of the club, Mariano Cowen, acknowledged that there was abuse, but denied the abuse: “lWhat the staff leaders assure me is that there was no sexual abuse at any time.”

Although the technical body that at that time led Leandro Martini and Mariano Messera preferred that everything remain within the privacy of the locker room, the fact was denounced and days later, the leadership headed by Gabriel Pellegrino at the time, sanctioned Brahian Aleman, Nelson Insfran and Matías Pérez García for misconduct and excesses, who were not allowed to play a friendly against Banfield. Aleman and Pérez García no longer play for the club. Insfran is the current substitute goalkeeper.

Since then, those who know the intern gymnast affirm that these practical jokes with the youth have stopped being practiced. They were a lousy habit from the past. But its echoes reach the present. Because several of those boys are now part of the professional squad and after Sunday’s game, they had an altercation with Brahian Aleman, who now plays for Banfield.

One of them, Ignacio Miramón, was even sent off at the beginning of the second half, for an excessively strong tackle on Aleman. Some associated this action and the subsequent crossing in the locker room of the Uruguayan midfielder with the 18-year-old defender, Felipe Sánchez, with those episodes of the winter of 2021 that they wanted to keep quiet in application of soccer codes. But they have come to light. So that they never happen again.

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