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The scam "irish bitumens" is back in this department

Beware of the return of the bitumen scam in France. Whether they are English or Irish, they claim many victims every year, always with the same modus operandi. By pretending to be professionals, they offer to asphalt your paths or part of your garden at a very attractive price. To convince you, they explain that they have surplus tar from a building site. Problem, when paying, the bill is sometimes much saltier than expected, and especially the tar is of poor quality.

Crooks have been spotted in Indre-et-Loire, near Tours, explains . It was the department’s gendarmerie who alerted on social networks: “Specialized teams of Irish or English bitumen workers are reported in the north of Vienne. Freeing themselves from the rules governing labor law, this group of individuals travels France canvassing individuals and professionals.” The gendarmerie warns against their process, aiming to offer work for “asphalt driveway, courtyard or path”.

Do not pay in cash

The risk is obviously financial, but the work carried out could also leave traces. The tar can “degrade in a few days”, alerts the gendarmerie. To avoid being fooled, she advises citizens to request a quote, compare prices or check the quality of the work. You don’t have to pay in cash either. We hadn’t heard of this type of scam since last year. False bitumens were then rampant in the Landes where false professionals offered tar at 15 euros per square meter against 40 euros for conventional prices. They were then spotted in Aisne and Marne. If you suspect a scam, contact the local gendarmerie immediately.


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