The Saudi woman won millions of hearts

Riyadh: Latifa Al-Balwi is a brave woman from Tabuk, Saudi Arabia who provides free taxi service to needy families.

According to Arab media reports, Latifa Al-Balwi provides free taxi service to families who cannot afford to pay the fees, and everyone is paying tribute to this exemplary service of the Saudi female driver.

Talking to local media, the woman said that after getting a divorce, she did not have a car, so she realized how difficult it is to live without a ride. Later, when she got a job, she bought a car. No one has to bear the troubles that I have caused.

Latifa Al-Balwi said that since 2019, I have been providing free taxi service to needy families. She works in a private hospital in the area.

“I leave many patients and their families at home for free from the hospital, and I also serve women who do not have a male guardian or who have children with them,” she said.

The Saudi woman driver added that she was once happy to help a needy mother and son.


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