The Saudi government’s decision to lift the ban has been delayed

Riyadh: The decision to lift the ban on online education for primary and kindergarten students in Saudi Arabia has been postponed.

According to Arab media, a spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Education said that online education for students under the age of 12 will continue in the kingdom, the decision to attend from October 31 has been withdrawn.

He said that primary and kindergarten children will continue their educational activities online. The school attendance deadline for the said students was set on October 31, 2021.

In view of the epidemic situation in Saudi Arabia, the deadline was removed to protect children of this age from the epidemic.

The spokesperson further said that the ministry has continued the online education for the students of the said age on the ‘Madrasi’ and ‘Rozati’ platforms so that they are not harmed and the education is restored.

It may be recalled that earlier, the Ministry of Health had issued mandatory vaccination orders for students between the ages of 12 and 18, which are being implemented.


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