The Saudi government’s big announcement for foreigners

Riyadh: Aid has been announced in Saudi Arabia for local and foreign medical personnel who died in Corona.

According to the details, the announcement was made in the kingdom by the Saudi Health Ministry. The ministry said it would provide relief to the families of medical personnel who died in Corona.

The Saudi ministry said 500,000 riyals would be delivered to the families of the medical personnel killed in Corona.

“Whether the medical personnel are Saudi or foreign, their families will be compensated. The purpose of compensation is to recognize the services of medical personnel.”

Good news from Saudi Arabia

The Health Ministry added that the sacrifices of medical personnel due to the Crown epidemic will always be remembered.

It should be noted that due to the effective strategy of the Saudi government, corona cases are decreasing in the country, in recent days less than 1000 cases of epidemic have been reported daily.

In Saudi Arabia, the rate of active cases is decreasing while the rate of recovery is increasing.

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