The Saudi government responded to employees

Riyadh: The Saudi government has given an important explanation about the leave of employees in the private sector.

According to Arab media reports, the Saudi Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare was asked online whether the private sector had decided to have two public holidays a week. Explain.

The ministry responded that a decision to take two days off a week for employees of private companies has not yet been made.

The Saudi Manpower Ministry said that whenever a decision was made to take two days off a week, it would be announced on the ministry’s official website.

Saudi Arabia: Employees Must Read This Important News!

It is believed that news is circulating these days on social media in Saudi Arabia that private sector employees will also have two days off a week, but now the explanation has come from the government.

The Ministry of Manpower in an explanatory statement has denied the rumors circulating on social networks.

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