The Saudi government gave great good news to the residents

Riyadh: Online renewal of accommodation has been provided on Saudi Arabia’s online platform ‘Abshar’.

According to Arab media reports, Saudi residency holders in the kingdom or abroad will also be able to renew their residency online through the Abshar app, the government has provided this facility.

The report said that Saudi Interior Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Saud inaugurated more electronic facilities in Riyadh through the Abshar platform, which includes the facility of online renewal of quarterly residency.

The move will benefit both locals and foreigners. The ‘Abshar Dakhlia’ platform and ‘Tahdi Abshar’ Edition Two were also launched on the app for security personnel.

New issue for foreign workers on vacation from Saudi Arabia

The Interior Minister said that under the direction of King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, the Ministry of Interior is working to achieve the goals of Saudi Vision 2030, wanting digitization in all fields.

He said more than 300 million people in Saudi Arabia are benefiting from more than 300 electronic services, saving time and effort.

Renewal of National Identity Card and Residence Card on Abshar App, Issuance of New Card in place of Lost Identity Card, Approval of Foreign Employee Residing for Copywriting, Licensing Services for Families Developing Orphans or Orphans, There are other facilities including issuance and renewal of fishing.


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