LONDON: A court has ruled that Sarah Euward was murdered.

According to media reports, Van Cousins, the police officer who killed Sarah Everard, has been sentenced to life in prison.

According to media reports, police officer Van Cousins ​​abducted Sarah on her way home on March 3 this year, then arrested her on false charges and handcuffed her. A week later, the charred body of Sarah, 33, was found in the Ashford area. The report said that Sarah died as a result of strangulation.

Van Cousins, Sarah Award’s killer police officer, pleaded guilty in court to murder, rape and kidnapping, for which the court sentenced her to life in prison, meaning she had parole. There is no possibility of.

The disappearance of a woman named Sarah Award during the National Lockdown in March was one of the UK’s most high-profile cases of missing persons, sparking protests and widespread debate about women’s safety on the streets.

Following the award’s assassination, there have been widespread protests in public over the insecurity of women, with the government promising to improve legislation.



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