The Sánchez government is preparing to throw Rubiale out

He must thoroughly do away with the stale machismo that reigns supreme in the RFEF

In today’s information age, where the actions and words of executives are severely scrutinized and questioned, Luis Rubiales, President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), was no exception. Recent controversy surrounding his management and pronouncements has once again put this leader, who once enjoyed widespread support, in the hurricane’s sights.

Resource Allocation: A Strategic Move

It’s not uncommon for the upper echelons of the sport to be steeped in intrigue and power decisions. Rubiales was recently praised live for paying out €500,000 in salaries. Is this a desperate strategy by a beleaguered leader? An attempt to buy loyalty? The outlook suggests that it could be a mix of the two.

Critics argue that Rubiales uses money and favors as bargaining chips to assert his position. It’s a common tactic in high places, but rarely seen in such a transparent manner.

Anchoring and Feminism

Another contentious aspect of Rubiales’ mandate was his relationship with feminism. After being criticized for a gesture that many felt was inappropriate, Rubiales used the term “false feminism” to refer to those who questioned his behavior. At a time when struggles for gender equality are raging, such statements only add fuel to the fire.

The role of a leader is not only to lead, but also to represent and set an example. Words and deeds must go hand in hand, and in this respect Rubiales caused more than one division.

An uncertain future?

The criticism of Rubiales goes beyond his recent actions and statements. There is a general feeling that his time at the helm of the RFEF is coming to an end. But, is this really the truth? Sometimes public perception can be distorted by media noise. However, the feeling is like this Spain has already overtaken Rubialesbut he still doesn’t get it.

Although his ability to resist and stay in power has been remarkable, many argue he is merely delaying the inevitable. His legacy, for better or for worse, is already defined. And time will tell if his character will be remembered with respect or distrust.


In the fast-moving world of football and sports politics, the figure of Rubiales has become a central topic of discussion. His tenure, marked by controversial decisions and polarizing statements, has led many to question his suitability for the job. As Spain awaits the next steps, it is watching closely, anticipating an outcome that is imminent.

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