Most of the high-end smartphones follow a similar pricing scheme between various manufacturers, be it Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi or Google with their pixels. However, some models depreciate considerably faster than others, in a trend that has been evident for several years.

So looking at the trade-in value of various current smartphones, such as the Apple iPhone 13, Samsung Galaxy S22, or Google Pixel 6, the retail chain SellCellwhich operates in the United States of America, has now released the reality recorded in the course of its business of buying and selling second-hand smartphones.

The greatest devaluation occurs in Android smartphones

galaxy s22
Devaluation of the Apple iPhone, Galaxy S22 and Pixel 6. Credit: SellCell


  • The Samsung Galaxy S22 range depreciates 47% after two months
  • The Google Pixel 6 range depreciates 42% after two months
  • The Apple iPhone 13 range depreciates 16% after two months

The data advanced by the online sales platform shows the low value retention of the Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone, which, after two months, loses about half of its value. Even the Google Pixel 6 range manages to do better in this regard, although no Android smartphone compares to Apple and its iPhone 13 range.

Devaluation of the Apple iPhone, Galaxy S22 and Pixel 6. Credit: SellCell

Specifically, the iPhone 13 range lost around 16.4% of its value after two months, thus maintaining a higher resale value in the market in question, the United States of America. Therefore, although these metrics do not reflect our reality, we have an approximate vision of what will happen in Portugal.

Also according to the same company, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus 128 GB model was the one that devalued the fastest, losing 53.8% of its value in this period. Instead, within Apple, the iPhone 13 mini was the model that depreciated the most, around 29.2% in two months.

In short, Apple continues to have the best phones for those who value the value of repossession and second-hand sales, keeping the iPhone much of its value.


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