The sad news that La Materialista received after her departure from reality:

In the midst of the happiness of having reached the final of the Telemundo reality show, “La Casa de los Famosos 3”, The Materialist received the sad news about the unfortunate state of health of his brother, businessman Jhose Emmanuel Ynfante Honoret.

Two months after finding out, the urban singer revealed this Sunday in “Noche de Luz” that Jhose Emmanuel, who is the creator of the Rompiendo Récords Music record label, has cancer.

“My brother has cancer. It was very strong for me to go out and find this. I was going crazy when I found out,” admitted La Materialista.

“The first thing I did was go to Spain to be with my brother. I stayed there for 15 days… Since I left I have not stopped accompanying him. We have not stopped praying because the medicine is doing its part, but I believe that for God There is nothing impossible. We are fighting. He really wants to live,” he added.

The also actress said that it was “terrible” to encounter a reality of which she had not the slightest knowledge and that she immediately traveled to Spain to be with her relative.

“This disease is a family disease. The body that suffers from it is his, but the disease is family and we are fighting”

The Materialist goes this Monday along with four other participants to want to be the absolute owner of

The MaterialistArtist

Finally, The Materialist, whose first name is Yameiry Ynfante Honoret, assured that she trusts that God will heal her brother and that he recently showed improvement when standing up and walking.

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