The sacrifice of Fernando Alonso to fight for the world championship with Aston Martin

The Asturian driver is clear about what his next objective will be when he leaves F1

In 2018, Fernando Alonso who is currently with Aston Martin left the Grand Circus to participate in some of the most legendary races such as the 24 hours of Le Mans, which he won both that year and the following. However, in 2019 and 2020 she was not as successful.

Then I think I’ll go back to the Dakar, since it doesn’t need a preparation like Formula 1, and surely I will continue to be linked to Formula 1, since I can be of help to Aston Martin in the future, after 20 years in the competition. That is my wish”, said Fernando Alonso in an interview.

Alonso Aston Martin
Alonso continues to make efforts to try for the F1 title

From Aston Martin, Fernando Alonso dreams of winning the Triple Crown

Fernando Alonso participated in his first and only Dakar to date in 2020, finishing the race in thirteenth position. “FFinishing one of the toughest rallies on the planet was one of the most important objectives. we have competed. Also on the last day, in which we played and were fourth, ”she said after finishing it.

Logically, after this experience, if I do it in the future it is to win it, to add an important victory to my career.. But to win it I have to think it through, prepare it very well, have the best team, the best vehicle. Now it’s not the moment. I will think about it in the future”, added Fernando Alonso.

The Colombian expilot, Juan Pablo Montoya spoke about his past on the slopes

For me the Triple Crown is there. The one who likes it well and the one who doesn’t too. We went to run the same 24 hours as everyone else and we won the race whoever likes it. The truth is that I am very happy”, the ex-pilot Juan Pablo Montoya began by affirming.

But he went on to say:This is very complicated because we are three drivers and we have to divide the race. The most novice did six hours in the car and the other two the rest; and that way one gets mentally tired”, affirmed the Colombian, who won the Monaco Grand Prix but never a Formula 1 World Cup.

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