The Russian president gave a big order to the army

The Russian President issued a decree to increase the number of armed forces.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered an increase in the number of troops from 137,000 to 1.15 million during Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine.

The order came into force from January 1, but it did not specify whether the number of volunteer soldiers would be increased by drafting a large number of recruits or whether the number of soldiers would be increased.

The decree issued Thursday will bring the total number of Russian military personnel to 2,039,758, including 1,150,628 soldiers. In the previous order, the strength of the army at the beginning of 2018 was 1,902,758 and 1,013,628 respectively.

The Kremlin has said that only volunteer contract troops take part in what it calls “special military operations” in Ukraine.

All Russian men aged 18-27 are required to serve a year in the army, but a large proportion avoid the draft for health reasons or for deferments granted to university students.

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