The Russian Luna-25 probe cannot prepare for the moon landing due to an emergency situation

moon-25The Russian probe whose mission is to be the first ship to land on the moon South Pole As the Russian space agency announced on Saturday, the satellite could not get into the orbit required for landing on the lunar surface roscosmos.

“During use at the automatic station a emergency situation this prevented the maneuver from being carried out according to the expected parameters (…) At present, the specialists of the control group are analyzing the situation,” they announced telegram.

Next, the probe should land on the moon Monday 21 Augustten after launch from the cosmodrome Vostochni, in the Russian Far East. It entered orbit last Wednesday and Roscosmos reported at all times that its systems were working normally.

Even sent images of the moon’s surface back to Earth and discovered, among other things, the impact of a micrometeorite.

Luna-25 hopes to find on the moon water in the form of ice and was scheduled to land two days ahead of the Indian probe Chandrayaan-3which was released on July 14th.

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