The Russian army considers that there are strong suspicions about the involvement of the United States in the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic

The Kremlin maintains tense relations with Washington, accusing the Americans of amplifying the conflict in Ukraine by delivering arms to kyiv, but this is not Moscow’s only grievance against the Americans.

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This week the Russian Ministry of Defense organized a major press conference to accuse the United States of being at the origin of the Covid 19 pandemic in barely veiled words. This is very serious. At least in the minds of the Russian military, since it was General Igor Kirillov, commander of the radiological, biological and chemical defense forces who came to present his report. According to him, there are serious indications of the involvement of the United States. “We realizedsays General Igor Kirillov, of work carried out at Boston University to strengthen the pathogenic activities of Covid-19 funded by the United States government and of the possible involvement of United States international development agencies in the emergence of a new coronavirus.

The Russian army considers that there are strong suspicions about the involvement of the United States in the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. This general explained in particular that, shortly before the appearance of the coronavirus, a university supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, had organized an exercise in New York which consisted of Anglo-Saxons training to face an outbreak of a coronavirus. It is suspicious and above all, he says, we can see that American laboratories seemed ready to launch a vaccine even before the pandemic. He just forgets, maybe, that we had to wait a year to have a vaccine, and that the first to have announced that this vaccine was ready, were the Russians with their Sputnik vaccine.

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Laboratories in Ukraine

In fact, these accusations are part of a much broader context where Russia claims that the United States was conducting biological experiments in laboratories located in Ukraine and that it discovered evidence of biological weapons development activities in these laboratories.
In fact, the Russians have been accusing the Americans of carrying out this kind of activity for years. The US has always denied. There were indeed laboratories in Ukraine that collaborated with American institutions, but these were pathogen control programs, as there are in many countries.

These laboratories were also absolutely not secret, they were well known to the scientific community. Nevertheless Moscow does not budge and has even called for a UN investigation. The United Nations reviewed the evidence presented by the Russians, but did not find it very convincing.

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