The run of the “Whites” or the story that fascinates America

It is a run on a background of romance that has held America in suspense for a week. Casey White, an “extremely dangerous” prisoner from an Alabama prison, has made himself the beautiful grace… to his beautiful precisely: Vicky White, prison services officer of this same prison. A rose-water escape that has fascinated Americans for a few days and whose 20 minutes offers you to understand the tricks.

What happened on April 29?

It all begins (finally the escape), on April 29 at the prison in Florence, Alabama. When Vicky White shows up in the morning to take Casey White, under the pretext of a psychological evaluation to court, a vehicle is already waiting for her parked in the parking lot of a nearby shopping center, which she has purchased in anticipation of the run.

On the remote surveillance images of the prison, however, nothing suggests that the tattooed giant and the prison official are in cahoots. Vicky White holds the door for the detainee but does not give him a look until the moment to get him, feet and hands chained, aboard his police car. She carefully closes the door and the vehicle drives away shortly after 9:30.

The disappearance of the duo will not be reported until around 3:30 p.m. the same day. The investigators launched in pursuit seem already distanced. The fugitives were last seen on Friday, the day of the escape, about 40 miles from prison in a rust-colored Ford SUV.

Who are Casey White and Vicky White?

On the one hand, a small model prison official, close to sixty and with a swaying gait, on the other, a colossus of repeat offenders 2.06 m tall, with a shaved head, described as extremely dangerous. Vicky White, 56, and Casey White, 38, have the same name but are not related. A coincidence that obviously adds spice to this whole story.

A story, perhaps of love, which would have started in 2020. Casey White, who was serving a 75-year prison sentence in a state prison for “kidnapping”, “burglary” and “attempted murder”, will be transferred to the county jail of Lauderdale (Alabama). This is where he meets his sweetheart.

After an absence of a few months for another business, Casey returned to Lauderdale last February. He then takes advantage of what Sheriff Rick Singleton called a “special relationship” with Vicky White. “We have no evidence of any physical relationship,” notes the sheriff, but the other prisoners denounced “privileges”, the “rab” in the canteen and the “things she did for him and not for the others “.

Why does this run fascinate the Americans so much?

In “the White affair”, there is everything to make a good “soap opera” and an excellent “road movie”. This is the match, perfect! A tattooed giant, an uneventful sixty-year-old, a smooth escape and extra money in the canteen… It didn’t take less to fascinate America.

In addition, the surprise effect was total. Who would have thought to be wary of Vicky White, who has never made a wave within the prison administration of Florence? “She never did anything. I bet she never even had a speeding ticket,” her incredulous mother told a local channel. Beyond the “love story”, an ex-girlfriend of the fugitive all the same tempers the ardor: “He is very dangerous, for all those who surround him. “The young woman delivered the following advice to Vicky White:” If you are still alive, get the hell out. Run, run, run as fast as you can. »

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