Home World The Royal Navy’s latest fiasco, this time involving a Trident nuclear submarine

The Royal Navy’s latest fiasco, this time involving a Trident nuclear submarine

The Royal Navy's latest fiasco, this time involving a Trident nuclear submarine

For the second year in a row, the Royal Navy failed to fire a Trident nuclear missile from the submarine HMS Vanguard off the east coast of the United States. The British Navy’s test ended in fiasco as soon as the projectile was fired, which, according to the English press, landed in the water near the launch site.

Tridents is the name of the UK’s nuclear weapons system and includes submarines, missiles and warheads. It is considered a weapon of last resort and the backbone of Britain’s defense. The Sun, which first reported this information, described it as “very embarrassing” Which happened for both the UK and the American manufacturer of the Trident missile

For its part, the BBC reports that the British tests of Trident missiles are exceptional mainly because of their high cost, with a cost of almost $ 100,000 20 million euros per rocket fired.

The fiasco was compounded by the presence of on board the submarine Defense Secretary Grant Shapps and the Chief of the Navy at the time of the accident. The projectile was originally thought to have traveled thousands of kilometers before falling harmlessly in the Atlantic Ocean between Brazil and West Africa. Instead, the missile fell into the sea near the launch site.

The previous test by a British submarine in 2016 also failed when the missile fired from the submarine HMS Vengeance off the coast of Florida went off course.

What went wrong then and what went wrong in the test now? In both cases it was not revealed and became a top secret matter. Despite all this, The Sun cites a senior naval source who claims that the missile malfunctioned mid-flight after launch and once it had already left the water.

In a statement, the Ministry of Defense acknowledged the failure, but added that HMS Vanguard and its crew “proved fully capable” in their operations and that this was also the case during the test “Effectiveness of British nuclear deterrent confirmed”. Trident is also “the most reliable weapons system in the world” and has successfully completed more than 190 tests.

What does the submarine HMS Vanguard look like?

The British Vanguard-class submarine is the largest and most powerful nuclear submarine in the Royal Navy. Each submarine is 170 meters long and can carry up to 16 Trident II missiles, capable of firing nuclear warheads with millimeter precision over long distances. The British Trident system consists of four submarines, each loaded with at least eight nuclear missiles, based on the east coast of Scotland in Faslane.

The United Kingdom and the United States have a long history of cooperation when it comes to nuclear submarines. The clearest example of this Technology exchange between both countries It is the Trident missile system jointly developed by both countries to arm their nuclear submarines.

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