The Rosario Brothers present their new album

The Rosario Brothers released “Sin Fecha de Vencimiento”, an album with which they continue to praise merengue.

Under the worldwide distribution of La Oreja Media Group, this album is made up of eight classic songs and one unpublished song, which have been re-recorded by the members of the band, in order to preserve all the swing and flavor that has always accompanied this legendary musical group.

“I feel very satisfied with this work. We have wanted to do it for a long time, since our fans ask us for it wherever we go. One of the characteristics of our band is that our live music has elements that give it a different sound, and the public enjoys that. I think that in this work we have achieved what our followers wanted so much and love so much,” said Rafa Rosario, singer and leader of the group.

The first promotional cut of this production is the song “Amor failido”, a composition and arrangement by Marcos Carrera, which from its first chords traps the listener in a story of love and heartbreak, told within the framework of frenetic music that invites the enjoyment, enjoyment, and oblivion of sadness.

This musical cut was recorded, mixed and mastered at IM Studio and NoeCid Studio, by engineers Moisés Sánchez and Noé Cid.

This production includes new recordings of the classics “La Dueña del Swing”, “Morena Ven”, “Borrón y cuenta nueva”, “Bonifacio (El Lápiz)”, “El Fin de Semana”, “Esa Morena”, “La Cleptómana ” and “Ya Me Liberé”, which undoubtedly give the seal and title to the production of “Without Expiration Date”.

The entire process of recording, mixing and mastering this album was carried out at IM Studio, by the Latin GRAMMY® winner Moisés Sánchez, in the Dominican Republic.

Jochy Campusano worked on the album, Radhames Espíritu styling and design and creativity by Ramón de Jesús/Cachovy.

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