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The robbery of Cádiz CF Gil Manzano fills Cádiz CF with anger Jesús Carames – December 5, 2023 – 11:30 am

The transcendental game of where to stay played between Celta and Cádiz CF last night featured Gil Manzano as an unexpected protagonist, as the game ended very early with a completely unfair sending off

The positions of Sergio González and Rafa Benítez were at stake last night as both teams fell behind in the standings. Celta were favorites to win as they were also playing at home. And when everything turned upside down for the celestials Gil Manzano has wrongly excluded a Cadiz CF footballer in the 33rd minute of the game.

After the sending off and despite the deficit on the scoreboard thanks to a great goal from Chris Ramos, the game turned in Celta’s favor. At home, with his fans and against ten players. The game had completely changed. But Rafa Benítez’s men were unable to break through the yellow wall and ultimately had to settle for a draw. A draw, yes, that didn’t go away the fury of Cádiz CF with Gil Manzano.

Gil Manzano conditioned Cádiz CF with an unjustified expulsion
The exclusion of Víctor Chust, a new referee and VAR errors

Cádiz CF cannot find any explanation for Gil Manzano’s arbitration case

Since we saw him draw the red card, Cádiz CF got angry with Gil Manzano. The Cádiz team published a series of tweets making it clear that they disagreed with the refereeing. This is even more true considering this isn’t the first time they’ve been harmed by terrible refereeing this season.

Additionally, Cádiz CF’s statements to the players on the pitch were not convincing, because this is a false argument. Without mentioning the ineffectiveness of the VAR, as it did not ask the referee to check the action when Fali was behind the ball, as well as the fact that Iago Aspas’ fall is more than doubtful.

The unfortunate explanation of the red card for Víctor Chust

As we have commented, Gil Manzano’s explanations did not convince the players. According to the referee, the red was clear because it was the DOGSO zone. However, the Madrid referee’s argument was completely wrong as Víctor Chust was not the last man, as Fali was, as already mentioned, behind the ball and very close to the action.

As Sergio González explained at a press conference: Gil Manzano’s arbitration case could have cost him his job at Cádiz CF. However, the team’s great work at the defensive level allowed them to secure a draw in a game that had gone completely in their favor and which was again due to terrible work from the referees and the VAR room.

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